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Bob's Picks

Last week, I discussed the complexities in our trying to be very detailed in the naming and sizing of our animals. Picking up where I left off, once we have determined what we are going to name our new arrival at QM, it now becomes a matter of properly training all of our staff. New species we have not previously had are relatively easy as we simply need to make sure all parties concerned are aware of the new item, what it looks like, where it is being held, and the approximate sizing. Where it gets tricky is when we rename an item that had previously been identified by another name or we are adding a transitional stage to an item which didnt have one before. Weve had many staff that have been here for 10+ years and several others who have been here 20+, so we need to communicate very well when making changes to existing items. We go through a lot of our tank tags as our acclimation staff meticulously labels just about every single item that passes through our facility. Its a labor of love for them, but it surely makes everyone elses job here at QM a whole lot easier.

I have found myself on an occasion or two getting caught up and going with the latest scientific name only to realize down the road it has been rejected and the original description still applies. As a result, I have become much more conservative before jumping headlong into any new discoveries, especially since Im very aware of the process of notifying others as detailed above. So the next time youre going over our ever growing stock list, rest assured there is a lot of thought and hard work that goes into producing it and making sure that you get the item that was ordered and moreover you get what you expect!

This week we have extra large Spiny Box Puffers (Chilomycterus schoepfii) well adjusted and in great condition.

We have a small number of very brightly colored Eibli Mimic Tangs (Acanthurus tristis). Reef safe mimic tangs are a great way to get an "angel" into a reef tank.

The MAC certified Latticed Butterfly (Chaetodon rafflesi) is sure to turn some heads in your shop. Not recommended for reef settings as (like most butterfly species) is a known poylp eater in the wild.

We haveGreen Pavona Corals (Pavona maldivensis) from our Short Supply Chain in Tonga.

Cortez Starfish (Penta sp) aren't reef safe, but are stunning detritus eaters for FOWLR tanks.

We have a stellar selection of very healthy, sticky Green Carpet Anemones (Stichodactyla sp) available.