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Bob's Picks

The other day I was interviewing an applicant for our growing acclimation department and it made me reminisce about when I first interviewed with Quality Marine. At the time, Phil Shane was at the helm and during my interview he had me go inspect an incoming shipment of fish that was being acclimated. I remember thinking that it was an odd request, but in hindsight it was exactly what I needed to see. From the moment the fish arrived I could see the attention to detail in how fish were cared for during the acclimation process. I remember thinking to myself that this is the way this business should be done and I had always wanted to be a part of a company that spared no expense when it came to the care of the fish.

Ill admit that even after all of these years I am still a hobbyist at heart and I take pride in knowing that we have held up that tradition of care and continue to innovate new ways to more gently acclimate fish into our system. Every shipment presents its own challenges such as the length of the transit, water chemistry at the point of export, temperature fluctuations, seasonality at the vendors location, or a number of other factors. On top of that we have to know how to carefully acclimate an incredibly diverse assortment of fish. This is where Quality Marine's decades of experience in the marine fish industry come into play. From our well-trained husbandry and acclimation staff to our rigorous adherence to procedural protocols, you can rest assured that your animals are receiving optimal care during their stay here.

We've got a great selection of Australian Harlequin Tusks (Choerodon fasciatus) in Medium and Large sizes. What's even better is they are an Added Value Special item this week!

Looking for a good fish to keep your sand bed clean? Check out our MAC Certified Yellow Goatfish (Parupeneus cyclostomus). These active scavengers come from our great short supply chain in Fiji.

A fresh shipment of Vanuatu Live Rock arrives this weekend. In my humble opinion, this rock is one of the best live rock options on the market with unbelievable coraline coverage and very unique structure.

Our selection of Indonesian Green Mushrooms is very impressive this week. These are a great starter coral and add a big splash of bright green to the tank.

Got Frags?? We do! Try our new selection of frags and bring in a coral option which really caters to your nano customers. We are featuring various species of Caulastrea, Acan Lords, Blastomussa wellsi, Oxypora, Dragon Eye Zoanthids, and GSP's (Green Star Polyps). Representative pictures of each item will be up on the site shortly.

Last but not least, we've got some Indonesian Shrimpfish that have been holding up great and eating well. These unusual fish like to swim inverted with their face down and tail's pointing straight up. They are a good companion animal for seahorses as they have similar feeding requirements and are also quite mild mannered.