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Bob's Picks

Boy, have we been busy with new projects around here! This weekend marks another release of a new QM line, and Im very excited to be leaking the news. We now have Captive Conditioned specimens ready for sale. These are animals that have been tanked for an extended period of time and have become accustomed to a prepared diet. When you see this header, in essence you will be receiving a top notch animal that has been conditioned in our Los Angeles Facility for a MINIMUM of 60 days. We hope you are as excited about this developing aspect of the marine aquarium industry as we are. Look for our selection to grow in this area as more specimens reach the minimum holding time frame.

From our Caribbean supply line we have in a great selection of the Red Lipped Blenny .Ophioblennius atlanticus.These are a great looking alternative for those in need of some serious hair algae control.

Our West Americas supply chain sent us a limited number of Pink Cardinalfish Apogon pacifici. These pastel hued beauties have to be seen to be appreciated. These are an excellent schooling fish for medium sized displays and are a nice choice for reef aquariums too!

Sumatra came through with a nice selection of Yellow Stripe Maroon Clowns (Premnas epigramma) and more are on the way! These are holding up great and a very desirable small to medium size.

The Marshall Islands sent over a beautiful batch of Male Girdled Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus balteatus). These are showing very vibrant coloration and are a super buy this week.

We have an excellent selection of Tongan Bubble-Gum Chalice Corals Echinophyllia sp this week that are priced to go. Have your Customer Service Representative select that special piece for you!