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Bob's Picks

This weekend, we will see the long awaited release of QM Reefhab Acanthastrea lordhowensis frags and Im very excited to see how it is received by our customers. We have been working hard to become more descriptive in our naming of the corals we offer as we are very much aware of how difficult it can be to purchase corals sight unseen. This is especially the case with corals that have names such as Acropora, Color-Tip or A. lordhowensis Ultra-Colored. The misnomer Ultra is a perfect example as what an Ultra coral is to me may not necessarily be viewed as Ultra by you and vice versa. How can anyone maintain any level of consistency when the description is actually describing a subjective trait? With this weekends release, we hope to alleviate much of the confusion and inconsistency that abounds in naming corals. Our goal is to not only make sure our valued clients get what they expect but in essence open the door for a standardization of coral descriptions and nomenclature.

We received from our Short Supply Chain in Tonga some jumbo sized Band-Tailed Cardinalfish (Apogon aureus). These schooling fish would need to be housed in an extra large aquarium. At this size these stunning fish would be great for public aquariums.

From our SSC in the Maldives we have in a very nice selection of male and female Bimaculatus Anthias (Pseudanthias bimaculatus). These are a larger sized anthias and have excellent coloration.

Another great species from our SSC in the Maldives is the Red Velvet Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis). This is the perfect fairy wrasse for just about any reef display as they display exceptional coloration, exhibit a great temperament, and are a fairly sturdy labrid.

Have you checked out the Indonesian Green Cabbage Coral (Lobophytum crassum) yet? A very hardy soft coral that absolutely glows green, these are great for the budding marine aquarist.

In case you havent noticed, we are starting to identify our aquacultured Acroporas down to species and by coloration. This is all part of our continuing efforts to make sure our loyal supporters truly get what they expect. We have been updating our website with representative photographs in order to stay current, so be sure to keep an eye out for fresh pictures on our online ordering system as well as on our products page.