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Bob's Picks

Ive been involved in the Marine Fish Industry since 1978 and its amazing how its evolved in that period of time. I think back to my introduction to the marine hobby in the late 60s and remember when saltwater aquarium was synonymous with black magic. Live coral was only available to those fortunate enough to live in a tropical locale and the invertebrate selection for those in more temperate climates was limited to Feather Dusters, Hermit Crabs and the occasional Anemone. The times sure have changed as our understanding of the science behind the hobby has grown and has made what once seemed impossible almost commonplace. Live coral husbandry would be a prime example. What I find most disconcerting in all this accumulation of knowledge is that as our expertise grows the wonder of the marine aquarium has become devalued. What was once treated with almost reverence has now become a piece of furniture, a commodity traded with reckless abandon. The QM commitment to the MAC certification process, Short Supply Chains and our global network of mariculture and aquaculture projects is just a start to the revitalization of our hobby. Next time you gaze into that miniature marine microcosm, take a moment to appreciate its complexity in its entirety as it truly is an art form.

Our Short Supply Chain (SSC) in Tonga has been coming up with some really beautiful pieces of Chalice Corals (Echinophyllia sp.) and we are getting new specimens weekly. In our continuing efforts that you get what you expect we are expanding our descriptions to include color patterns and updating our online photos with pictures that we have taken in-house.

Speaking of Tongawe have a great supply of Tongan Nassarius Snails (Nassarius sp. ) and the size is perfect especially for the Nano reefer. To top it off its one of our Added Value Specials this week!

We have from our SSC in the Maldives a limited number of Male Exquisite Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus exquisitus) in stock. The species that come from this region have an outstanding red & green variation that isnt common on fish from other waters.

From our MAC supplier in Fiji we are offering the Orange Kleins Butterflyfish (Chaetodon kleini ) sporting a deep orange coloration. Reported to be a voracious predator of Aiptasia, these will greedily consume any foods offered and are an ideal alternative to other species of Butterflyfish.

Another SSC gem is our Flame Angel (Centropyge loriculus) from Vanuatu. Their coloration is a slightly deeper red than the Marshal Islands angel and they are proving to be strong and vibrant.