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Bob's Picks

I had the great opportunity to give a mini tour of QM the other day to one of our longstanding customers. I always enjoy going around the facility talking about our livestock and the trials and tribulations of getting them here, our top notch acclimation and husbandry staff that I feel are the best in the industry, and our state of the art ship out procedures. As I was showing our guests around, I came across some new equipment that I had not noticed before. Now Im quite plugged in to what is going on around here, so Im always amazed how much goes on around here that I had no idea about. The continual innovations and upgrades to our systems or procedures just seem to happen like clockwork.

I know, I toot the QM horn a lot, but I really consider myself fortunate to be a part of the QM team as we are tireless in our continual pursuit of trying to improve what we do in every area. I hope that if any of our valued clients are ever visiting the Los Angeles area they take the time to schedule a visit with us. You dont quite understand it all until you can see firsthand what sets Quality Marine apart from all the other wholesale companies and what makes us the leader in the Marine Livestock industry.

This week brings us some very unique opportunities for Wrasse and Anthias collectors.

The MAC Certified Green Wrasses (Halichoeres Chloropterus) have great personalities and as Halichores species, they are good bets for reef safe fish. Their lime green coloration isn't seen on any fish common in the trade. Add any other wrasse species at the same time to avoid excessive aggression. These flatworm (Planaria sp. ) eaters also burrow, and appreciate a deep fine substrate.

Halstead's razor wrasses (Xyrichthys halsteadi) are a myriad of colors, and extremely rare. We have only a few specimens available. Like all fish in the Xyrichthys genus, these can be aggressive, and are good candidates for Fish Only systems. Deep substrates are helpful as they sleep beneath the sand.

From our Short Supply Chain and MAC Certified supplier in Fiji we have a good supply of Lori Anthias (Pseudanthias lori). These are small, haremic and outstanding choices for reef environments. Their tail barring makes them unique amongst Anthias species. Anthias are planktivores in the wild and these are taking small mysis and brine.

The Super Purple Flowerpots(Goniopora sp) we are offering are a rich vibrant purple and are aquacultured by our supplier in the Central Pacific. Gonipora do well under moderate lighting, gentle turbulent flow, and thrive with target feedings of fine diameter zoo-plankton. Acclimate them to bright lights slowly after transport.

We just received a shipment of Orange Linkia Starfish (Linkia sp.). These are very brightly colored, in excellent shape, and average 3" - 4" across. Linkia are great in reef setups, helping clean up un-eaten food and detritus. Weekly target feedings will assure good health.

We have some outstanding Pink and Yellow Cucumbers (Colochirus crassus). Contrary to popular opinion these animals are hardy given the right requirements: low flow, clean water, phytoplankton, no exposed powerhead intakes, and suitable tankmates. Avoid angels and wrasses in particular. Cucumbers move around the tank so we would recommend not housing them with stinging cell inverts.