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Bob's Picks

An interesting start to 2010 from a supply standpoint earthquakes, unseasonably cold weather, the usual 40 foot swell in January.the list goes on. It never ceases to amaze me the difficulties our valued collectors encounter on a daily basis and still they come through. Unlike our freshwater counterparts where captive breeding reigns supreme, the majority of marine life is still wild collected and subject to the elements. With our extensive global network of suppliers we are able to provide a consistent supply of specimens that meet our rigorous requirements even in the most inclement collecting conditions. At the point of collection is where the commitment to the welfare of our animals begins and this is reflected by our loyalty to our vendor partners that share this same vision. It is with these long standing relationships, some in excess of 20 years, that we are able to regularly provide specimens of utmost quality, consistency, diversity and value.

From our MAC certified Short Supply Chain (SSC) in Fiji the Pinstriped Wrasse (Halichoeres melanurus) deserve a look. Always a great item from this source, this weeks shipment is outstanding. Still sporting their juvenile coloration their health is excellent and the handling from point of collection to our facility is simply the best.

Just in from Hawaii (even with the massive January surf) we have a prime selection of Chevron Tangs (Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis) in all of their juvenile coloration glory. Highly desirable, this surgeonfish would make a welcome addition to any reef display.

The Splendid Pseudochromis (Manonichthys splendens) that we are currently receiving from Bali are beautiful and are feeding hungrily. Though they can be pugnacious at times, they surely would make a striking centerpiece for a nano aquarium.

Another Nano Reefer alternative hailing from our SSC in Maldives is the Lemon Clown Goby (Gobiodon citrinus). These are absolutely gorgeous right now as their yellow coloration just vibrates and the electric blue stripes resonate. Plus they are just plain HUGE.

On the Mariculture side from Indonesia we have cultured Clove Polyps (Clavularia sp.) that rival any wild colony plus they are an environmentally conscious alternative.

The Conehead Snail (Astaea tecta) from our exclusive Florida collector are simply super and are covered in coralline algae. Always a great value from this source.

In our efforts to make sure you get what you expect take a look at our Blue Corallite Maze Brain Coral (Platygyra sp.) as we have a superb assortment from our Tongan SSC.