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Bob's Picks

Quality Marine employs a well educated and dedicated husbandry staff that oversees the care of every specimen in our facility. From our state-of-the-art filtration room to the smorgasbord of feeds offered daily, our commitment to the health of our animals is unparalleled. Our goal with every inbound shipment is to alleviate the stress related with transportation as quickly as possible. Our exclusive use of Tropic Marin salts ensures our animals make a seamless transition to synthetic sea water of the highest grade. Our experienced acclimation team efficiently processes all arrivals as they gently introduce them to our pristine holding system. Once acclimatized the all important aspect of nutrition is addressed and every animal is offered a variety of foods to maintain their health and robustness. Our aim to provide the marine aquarium industry with the highest quality animals is backed up by decades of experience and continual usage of cutting edge technology. We look forward to being a part of your dedication to the Marine Aquarium Hobby.

From our exclusive MAC Fiji Short Supply Chain we have an outstanding selection of Open Brain Corals, Lobophyllia sp., in stock. These multi-hued beauties are truly a sight to behold with the complexity of their coloration.

This weeks shipment of Orange-Spot Zoanthid, Zoanthid sp., from Indonesia arrived in exceptional condition and are a must have. The contrasting vibrancy of colors makes this one an easy choice and a great value. Just ask your sales rep to set aside a few gems for you.

Surgeonfish are a great addition to any marine aquarium and our selection of Tomini Tangs, Ctenochaetus tominiensis, (aka Flame Fin Tang) is top notch. We have a good mix of sizes on hand and these grazers will add that special splash of color to any reef situation.

Speaking of something special, from our SSC in Vanuatu we have Yellow Ember Clarki Clowns, Amphiprion clarki. These color variants are not a common item and would make a striking addition to any anemonefish fanciers collection.

Last but not least another species from our MAC SSC in Fiji that should not be overlooked is the Bicolor Goatfish, Parupeneus barberinoides. These hard working sand sifting janitors are awesome from this source and their unusual sensory barbels make them a delight to observe.