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Bob's Picks

Many of our clients have been greatly hindered by all the bad weather this past week and I can totally relate to that helpless feeling during these types of situations. Well, not to worry if you were unable to receive your regular order from QM this week as our shipments keep rolling in. We dont want you left empty handed when the weather does finally break, so were keeping our inventory deep and fully stocked and ready to go whenever you are. Just be sure to talk to your customer service representative first as we have some really intriguing promo packs to offer that are sure to help make up for those lost sales.

We cant begin to fully express how much we appreciate all of our supporters and we feel the best way to show this is to continue to offer the best value for your hard earned dollars. Everything comes at a price and in our industry usually it is the quality of the specimen that is impacted the most when businesses start reducing costs. We have found that in the long run, the cheapest price rarely translates into the maximum value. While it may cost a little more to do things the right way, by supporting responsible collectors, providing proper husbandry techniques, as well as clean and stable life support systems, it truly relates to a superior animal more times than not.

From our MAC Certified supply line in Fiji we received a very nice batch of Fiji Xmas Wrasse (Halichoeres biocellatus). These are quite hardy and extremely colorful in both their juvenile and adult color forms. Due to the fact that they come from a short supply line, they adapt to captivity very quickly and it never takes much to get them transitioned to frozen food and pellets.

Our supplier in Sumatra sent us a few very nice Bristletooth Fine-lined Abberant Tangs (Ctenochaetus striatus x ?) . These uncommon hybrids are exhibiting splashes of yellow and even some blue on a few individuals. Like other members of the Ctenochaetus family, these are excellent algae grazers and help keep live rock looking clean and polished.

The Orangeback Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus aurantidorsalis) from Indonesia are looking great this week. Like most other fairy wrasses, these are very mild mannered and do very well in reef aquaria. They are known to jump from aquariums when startled, so be sure to keep your tank adequately covered.

For the zoanthid collector weve got a stunning supply of Red and Ultra Color micro zoanthids. A relatively new item to Quality Marine, these are sure to please the most discerning hobbyist-collectors. The ultra colored Micro Zoas generally are multicolored with one of the colors being quite vibrant.

Our SSC in Tonga came up big this week with some great pink Birdsnest (Seriatapora hystrix). These are generally collected in clean shallow water with moderate wave action, so be sure to provide high lighting and good levels of flow to keep them happy. Once settled in, these can really take off and grow at very high rates.