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Bob's Picks

In this industry there are very few things you can count on, especially when it comes to collecting marine species. One situation, however, seems to be consistent year after year. As we get into our peak season for sales, many of our collectors almost always experience an onslaught of inclement ocean conditions. And now, just like clockwork, it is happening again all across the Indo Pacific.

Just imagine choppy water, cold temperatures and low visibility. This is pretty much the norm for this time of the year for those who are affected. Some species are just too difficult to bother trying to collect in those conditions. It doesnt mean theyre not there it just means all the factors arent lining up for those particular species to be collected in good condition.

In the end, collection still boils down to fishing and for our suppliers, the job doesnt end at catching the fish; it has to be done responsibly and carefully. If the weather and water conditions prevent them from doing it right, they dont collect them. We know from experience that optimal care from the start makes all the difference when it comes to supplying healthy fish.

This week from Sri Lanka we have some beautiful small Cream Angels (Apolemichthys xanthurus). These would do great in a FOWLR display and the coloration is striking.

For the nano hobbyist we have some awesome Colored Trimma Gobies (Trimma rubromaculatus) from Cebu in stock. These diminutive sized specimens with their red and white pattern would be the perfect addition for the small sized reef aquarium.

From our source in Africa we have a limited number of Radiant Wrasse (Halichoeres iridis) available. This week's shipment came in great and theyre doing super.

Our MAC Short Supply Chain in Fiji has some of the best Sixline Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus hexataenia) in the industry. If you havent tried them now is the time as they are coming in top notch condition.

Granted these are a specialty species but the Orange Tube Anemone (Cerianthus sp.) this week are absolutely RADIOACTIVE! This batch is so bright they would make the sun blush!

We support as many aquaculture/mariculture projects as possible around the globe and this week we have a super selection of soft corals from Indonesia available. Some of the highlights include colored polyp Sarcophyton & Lobophytum plus the Litophyton is especially full-bodied. Ask your Customer Service Representative for more info!