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Bob's Picks

Why are short supply chains so important to Quality Marine?

In our efforts to provide the Marine Aquarium Industry with the highest quality animals we have to start out with the healthiest specimens available. One way we ensure this is by sourcing our stock from the point of collection closest to the port of export. Many species we do not source from large export consolidators found in major cities as they are often getting stock from far away that have already been in transit for several days or longer. That extra day or two of transport only adds to the amount of time the animals are not only stressed but also not receiving optimal care and nutrition. This practice enables us to procure the most robust specimen that has spent the least amount of time in transit. The sooner in our facility, the sooner we can institute our rigid husbandry protocols and painstaking nutritional regimen.

This week's picks:

One gem we currently have available is the Dracula Goby, Stonogobiops Dracula. Originating from our SSC source in the Maldives this mesmerizing goby will symbiotically pair up with the Red Banded Pistol Shrimp, Alpheus randalli. Supply is limited and these are great sized.

Another hot item from our Maldivian source is the Carberryi Anthias, Nemanthias carberryi. This is a great anthias that does quite well in the aquarium and the contrasting coloration is outstanding. Try a harem out, you wont be disappointed.

Week in and week out Quality Marine offers a substantial inventory of MAC certified livestock and for the nano crowd we have the Tail-Spot Blenny, Ecsenius stigmatura, in good numbers. These blennies with their personable nature can fascinate for hours.

Another under-rated MAC species currently in stock is the Fijian Fusilier Damsel, Lepidozygus tapeinosoma. These purple and pink beauties are not seen in the trade often and are truly a find for those looking for something not commonly seen in other aquariums. They are not available year-round so nows the time to give them a try.

We have an awesome selection of Waving Thick Stem Polyp, Cespitularia sp., that is just thriving. Hailing from our outstanding Fiji source, when I look into the aquarium I see thousands of hands waving in approval.

Trying to fill that under-lit and underutilized cave in your reef? We have in stock some Fijian Purple Stick Coral, Distichopora sp., that just glows.