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Bob's Picks

2011 has come in with the usual fanfare and as I anticipated the affects of the end of the year holidays have taken their toll on supply from our vendors. I am happy to say however, that our planning has been paying off. So far, there have been very minimal hiccups in our inventory and it has been limited to very few items. Another plus for the new year is that weve already received our Cites quotas. Often in the past we experience a delay in receiving our quotas for the new year so we are pleased to have dodged that bullet as just this week we received a fresh batch of Cites permits. This means our coral selection will remain top notch throughout the entire first quarter. We also have a brand new supply chain expected to start up next week, which is always exciting here at QM. As with any new vendor we spent a good amount of time discussing in advance of the shipment the type of animal quality we expect, purge times, packing techniques, and a variety of other topics to help us start off on the right step. We hope some new gems will be making their way to our availability list soon.

This week we received an excellent batch of Red Spot Cardinalfish (Apogon parvulus) from Indonesia. These are a great schooling fish with a peaceful temperament, their small size is perfect for the nano aquarist.

From our MAC Certified Short Supply Chain in Fiji we received a brightly colored shipment of Orange Stripe Bristletooth Tangs (Ctenochaetus striatus). These hardy algae grazers are showing vibrant juvenile coloration and will not be around for long so get them while they are available. As with other members of the Ctenochaetus genus, they are very good at keeping the rock clean as they constantly graze, rasping the surface of the rock with their bristle-like teeth.

Our source in Sri Lanka sent over a nice mix of adult Blue Ring Angels (Pomacanthus annularis). They are showing very strong pigmentation and have very good body weight.

We have been getting on a regular basis some very bright Green Cabbage Soft Coral (Lobophytum crassum) in both wild and aquacultured pieces. These are a truly fluorescent green soft coral that are very undemanding as well. A great choice for the beginner reef aquarist.

We have a very wide selection of different color varieties of Montipora corals in stock. Be sure to ask your Customer Service Representative to hand pick a few pieces for you.