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Bob's Picks

This week Im happy to report that US Fish & Wildlife has decided to rescind the order last week to eliminate all overtime clearances. After a week of outcry from all live animal importers as well as assistance from PIJAC, USFWS decided to look further into the impact their sequester based decision had made. As with any effort to reduce cost, it is common to look at overtime labor and the impact it has on the bottom line. As was the case here the OT labor component actually produces enough revenue through overtime fees and the like to offset its cost. Considering the number of ports of entry the USFWS oversees the magnitude of the data that had to be compiled and analyzed must have been quite onerous. I salute the efforts of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service as they were able to come to a reasonable solution in a relatively short period of time.

This week saw us get a limited Red Sea shipment, but in that shipment were some very nice Medium Assasi Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus assasi). These are few in number, but all robustly healthy with great appetites.

For the last two weeks, we were visiting our Tongan Source and we hand picked some fish. Among them were these Tongan Gold Nape Cardinals (Apogon sp), there aren't that many, but they are pretty neat. Photos don't really catch their yellow/gold sheen.

If you've been looking for another unique damsel to stock, check out the Orange Tail Blue Damsels (Chrysiptera cyanea). We don't see these very often, and the coloration is just outstanding.

One of our aquaculture facilities sent us a just amazing batch of Aquacultured Pink Millepora (Acropora millepora) that are super brilliant. We have a great selection of all kinds of cultured Acropora here right now, but these really stand out.

Also on the Aquacultured Invert side of things, the selection of zoanthids here right now is so crazy I had a hard time choosing one, but in the end, the Candy Apple Green Palythoa (Palythoa sp.) popped out and said "look at me!" So I did what I had to do. To their credit, they are amazing.

Talk to your sales rep this week about Live Rock if you haven't all ready. We just recieved have an outstanding batch and are running some very aggressive promotions on it.