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Aquacultured Specimens at Quality Marine

Aquacultured Specimens at Quality Marine
Quality Marine is an avid supporter of aqua-cultured specimens and is continually searching for new producers around the world. We consider this to be one of the most ecologically responsible methods of sustaining our industry.
Currently we are stocking on a regular basis assorted species of anemonefish, neon gobies, Maculosus Angelfish, seahorses, abalones, clams and corals. Corals culture is one area special importance to us due the outside ecological pressures that the reefs are being subjected to. With a number of aquaculture operations found throughout the South Pacific and Indonesia and the advances being made in underwater farming, the potential is phenomenal. The more desirable color variations are being produced, lessening with strain on the wild populations. Even difficult to transport species such as Euphyllia are now being produced with regularity.
On the Tridacnid front, we just received another shipment of aquacultured Tridacna derasa and maxima and the coloration and patterns are exceptional. Be sure to look for our aqua-cultured species on our stock list and give them a try.