News / Company News / Aquacultured Angels Land At QM (10/16/15)

Aquacultured Angels Land At QM

While we always have an excellent selection of aquacultured fish and inverts here, right now is an especially exciting time as we have no less than 3 different aquacultured angel species in house! We have a very limited supply of all these angels, but going from best availability to least, these are all here. While many of them are spoken for, there is some availability. There is also the possibility for pre-order on some items like this, so just give your account manager a call.

Blue Girdled Angels (Pomacanthus navarchus)

Goldflake X Flagin Hybrid (Apolemichthys xanthopunctatus x A. trimaculatus)

Clarion Angel (Holacanthus clarionensis)