News / Company News / AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra Units Now In Stock! (11/30/09)

AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra Units Now In Stock!

After teasing customers and hobbyists with our demo units at the Reef-A-Palooza and IMAC shows earlier this year, the production models of the AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra units have finally arrived. These great little lights pack a big punch and are a great option for lighting nano tanks or to use as a spot light in conjunction with supplemental lighting from AquaBeam 500 strips. We have tested these units in house using a PAR meter and have found that the output is quite comparable to a 150W metal halide, making them ideal for mixed reefs with hard and soft coral.

For those who are unaware of the benefits of LED's, you should know that they are a great alternative to conventional lighting and are far more efficient than any other lighting system on the market. While the up-front cost may be somewhat greater than a complete metal halide or fluorescent lighting system, after 5-10 years of changing the light bulbs and the cost of electricity (which only seems to be increasing), the other systems will end up costing far more. For the AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra units, the LED's offer a minimum of 50,000 hours of lamp life. In addition, you can expect to have substantially lower running costs and very little maintenance costs...if any...over the same time period. In the unlikely event that a problem arises, the unit is guaranteed for 5 years!

Features of the AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra
Solid State Aquarium Lighting Tile:

  • Solid State Lighting - 10 x CREE X-RE Q+ PowerLEDS driven at 700mA with custom collimating optics featuring "Total Internal Reflection" for efficient and uniform light distribution.
  • Delivers high LUX and PAR values which means it is suitable for all marine set ups including reef tanks incorporating LPS and SPS hard corals.
  • Creates a natural "shimmer" effect.
  • Suitable as an alternative to metal halides.
  • Very compact - at less than 8" x 8" - and suitable for all aquarium types including nano and other smaller tanks
  • Cool running with low heat transfer to aquarium water reducing the need for expensive cooling systems.
  • Suitable for installation in aquarium hoods.
  • Offers a minimum of 50,000 hours lamp life - 6x standard fluorescent lighting.
  • Versatile mounting fixtures included, allowing a wide variety of replacement, retrofit and new install options on all sizes of aquaria.
  • Low running costs and environmentally friendly - long-life, very low carbon footprint, and no mercury.
  • Future-proofed with built-in capability and compatibility for digital control including timing and dimming and available with or without an AquaRay Control unit.
  • Sealed, water-resistant casing and a low voltage DC power supply makes AquaRay easy and safe to use in all conditions.
  • Designed and manufactured by Tropical Marine Center in the EU
  • 5 year guarantee.
  • Modular Mounting System (MMS) compatible, offering an extensive range of mounting options for your AquaRay light unit.

AquaBeam 1000 HD Ultra is available in:
  • Marine White (10 x 14,000K white LED's)
  • Reef White (7 x 14,000K white LED's and 3 x 50,000K blue LED's)
Also available for Freshwater:
  • AquaBeam 1000 ND (10 Natural Daylight bulbs)