News / Company News / Another New Deepwater Fairy Wrasse from Fiji (6/19/2007)

Another New Deepwater Fairy Wrasse from Fiji

Another New Deepwater Fairy Wrasse from Fiji
Quality Marine just received another handful of rare deepwater fairy wrasses from Fiji. We have only seen this rare, undescribed species of Cirrhilabrus wrasse once before and know with certainty it will not be available again for quite some time. Collected by Mr. Anthony Nahacky for the first time two years ago and last week again, these wrasses are found at depths of 50+ meters.
These colorful fish have a predominantly orange body with a deep smoky orange color just above the gill plate, and a yellowish underbelly. There are approximately three pink lateral stripes extending from just after the mouth and in line with the eye which continue to the edge of the gill plates. The lower half of their body is especially light beneath the operculum and extends to the anal fin. They have a pinkish-red caudal fin with faint dark fringes on the caudal and anal fins. The dorsal fin is a combination of black and dark yellow with the black making up a small portion of the posterior section and a large portion of the anterior section of the fin.
This species proved to be quite hardy when we first had it two years ago, we are excited to have another specimen for our show tank. Only a half dozen of these rare wrasses were collected, which are available for sale at Quality Marine now. For more information please contact your salesperson.