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Adornatus Fairy Wrasse

Adornatus Fairy Wrasse
We just received our first shipment of Adornatus Fairy wrasses ( Cirrhilabrus adornatus), also known as the Adorned or Debelius' wrasse(named after Helmut Debelius, who first discovered the species). These interesting wrasses have not been commonly seen in the aquarium hobby until recent years. They are mainly collected out of western Sumatra and are also occasionally found in the Mentawi Islands in Indonesia. The adornatus fairy wrasse is primarily found in small groups along reef slopes at depths of 30 to 100 feet
It is best to feed these fish a mixed diet of meaty foods such as mysis, vitamin enriched brine shrimp, or other nutritious fresh or frozen foods. Being a relatively small wrasse, individuals can be kept singly in tanks of about 30 gallons, but if a male/female pair is desired the tank should be larger. Males should not be placed together, especially in smaller tanks, as it is probable that they will fight.
Pictured to the right is a male and female. As with most other members of the genus, males are the more colorful sex. In this case the male is displaying darker colors, when it is more relaxed the body gets much lighter color with two distinct dark red blotches on each side of the body just below the dorsal fin which is also red. The females look very much like other females and juveniles of the Cirrhilabrus genus. They have a red body with a light colored abdomen with dark spot on either side near the caudal peduncle.