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Photo Of The Week - Brown-Banded Butterfly (Roa modesta)New Icon (08/16/17)
The Brown-Banded Butterfly is without a doubt an elegant fish that is worth every bit of attention it gets from hobbyists.
Quality Marine Receives Our First Aquacultured Cucumber (Holothuria fuscopunctata) (08/09/17)
This is how we like to start off our week! We are proud to announce that another new aquacultured species is being added to the Quality Marine stock list! Today we are releasing our first ever aquacultured Sea Cucumber available here; the...
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Colored Ingens Seahorse (Hippocampus ingens) (08/03/17)
The Aquaculture Colored Ingens Seahorses are back in stock! They are medium size and come in different hues of yellow.
Photo of The Week - Spender- Spined Globefish (Diodon nicthemerus) (07/27/17)
Are you looking for an unusual yet small fish to keep? The Spender- Spined Globefish is that fish. The porcupine fish is back in our live stock, but not for long.
Super Zoo is next week! (07/21/17)
We are getting ready to hit the road next week to be at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for Super Zoo. We will be at booth 3930 and 3931. You can still get a free pass and join us. We hope to see you there.
Photo Of The Week - Red Fin Waspfish (Paracentropogon rubripinnis) (07/12/17)
The Red Fin Waspfishs bold colors can add an edge to the appearance to your aquarium. This Waspfish has a peaceful temperament and is reef compatible.
Join Quality Marine At Super Zoo 2017 (07/10/17)
Join Quality Marine At Super Zoo July 24- 27, 2017 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. We will be at booth 3930 and 3931. Claim your free pass and stop by to say hello.
Photo Of The Week - Cheekspot Scorpion (Scorpaenodes evides) (07/07/17)
The Cheeckspot Scorpion Fish at first glance is a fish whose bold reddish brown tones and dragon like appearance can intimidate most hobbyists, but with the right care can make an awesome addition.
Happy Fourth of July (06/30/17)
Quality Marine will be closed on Monday, July 3, 2017 and Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in honor of Independence Day. We will be open for normal business on Wednesday, July 5. From everyone here at QM, have an enjoyable and safe weekend.
Photo Of The Week - Ochre Striped Cardinal (Ostorhinchus compressus) (06/29/17)
Looking for a fish that is bold in appearance, moderately easy to keep, and hardy? The Ochre striped Cardinal would make a great addition.