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Photo Of The Week - Dardanus sp. (11/29/16)
We are starting a new and clean week with Dardanus sp. This is a throwback photo, but it still has charm. At Quality Marine we offer an array of Hermit Crabs and one of them is the Dardanus sp.
Quality Marine Receives the First Aquacultured Glow-Tail Pipefish (Dunckerocampus chapmani) (11/25/16)
As part of Quality Marine's continuing effort to promote sustainability and responsibility in the aquarium trade, another commercially aquacultured first is now available through us: the Glow-Tail Pipefish (Dunckerocampus chapmani).
Happy Thanksgiving! (11/23/16)
Quality Marine will be closed Tomorrow in observance of Thanksgiving.
Photo Of The Week - Frillfin Mombasa Lions (Pterois mombasae) (11/21/16)
Did you know lionfish are also referred to as turkeyfish in many parts of the world? When viewed at the right angle the Frillfin Mombasa Lions (Pterois mombasae) fins will resemble the turkeys plumage.
Photo of the Week - Bell's Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus bellae) (11/14/16)
Why not start the week looking at something rare like the Bell's Flasher Wrasse (Paracheilinus bellae)? This elusive flasher wrasse is a perfect fish for a reef aquarium and is recommended for the intermediate hobbyist. They
Photo of the Week Zoanthus sp (11/07/16)
Mondays can be a drag, so why not start out the week with this stunning Zoanthid. Every rock has good coverage of polyps and always a few polyps that are completely different than the rest, which is always a welcome surprise.
QM's Coral Restoration Foundation Intern Update (11/02/16)
Every so often we receive updates of the work our intern does at Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF).
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion clarkii (11/01/16)
It's the day after Halloween here in the States and we hope you had tons of fun celebrating the spookiest night of the year. Furthermore, we hope you don't feel like staying home like our Premium Galaxy Clownfish (Amphiprion clarkii) hanging out in...
Happy Halloween Photo - Fu-Manchu Lion (10/31/16)
Happy Halloween from all of us at Quality Marine! This time we're showing off our Fu-Manchu Lionfish. They have the perfect colors for our traditional horror night, Halloween.
Halloween Photo - Halloween Orange Band (Ciliopagurus strigatus) (10/27/16)
Not sure how to add Halloween decorations to your aquarium? How about adding this Halloween Orange Band Hermit Crab. Its orange and yellow stripped legs remind me of the socks of a Witch may wear for a costume.