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Introducing Nutramar Live MicroalgaeNew Icon (06/04/20)
Nutramars new Microalgae (Phytoplankton) is the nutritional foundation of all marine environments. Cultured in state of the art labs in Los Angeles, Ca, Nutramars phytoplankton will fill the needs of all of your filter feeding inverts.
Purple Tangs are In Stock! (05/29/20)
Red Sea Purple tangs make for a wonderful fish only or reef tank addition. Their vibrant colors are sure to become a conversation piece.
Robert M. Fenner, 1952-2020 (05/19/20)
Its with shock and sadness that I have to write about the passing of Bob Fenner...a loss as friend personally and a loss to the entire aquarium fish community.
Photo of the Week - Tridacnid Gigas (05/14/20)
Gigas clams grow to monsterous proportions in the wild, in the aquarium industry smaller aquacultured specimens will do well with lots of light and room to grow.
Photo of the Week - Mappa Puffer Fish (05/05/20)
Puffer husbandry includes dental observations as well, a proper diet can assist with this.
Purple Speckled Actinodiscus Mushrooms (04/21/20)
Purple Speckled mushrooms (Actinodiscus) are a great choice for beginning reef aquarists and advanced hobbyists a like.
Not your Average Scopas Tang! (03/20/20)
Blue faced koi tangs make great centerpieces for the rare fish collector. These Aberrant tricolor scopas tangs are sure to be a show stopper.
Tales from the Deep: Borbonios Anthias (03/19/20)
The Borbonios anthias is a lesser-seen deeper water anthias that is an ideal candidate for biotopic reef aquariums.
Aquacultured Banggai Continue to Make the Hobby Sustainable (03/18/20)
Aquacultured Banggai Cardinalfish should be given strong consideration by amateur and expert aquarium hobbyists.
Lyretail Anthias (01/06/20)
The always social and vibrant Lyretail Anthias are in stock again! Contact your LFS or account manager to learn more.