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Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Red Pink Cauliflower (Pocillopora sp.) (03/16/18)
Aquacultured Red Pink Cauliflowers are astatically pleasing and elegant. This piece will surely standout in a reef aquarium.
Photo of the Week - Dented Brain Rainbow (Symphyllia Wilsoni) (03/09/18)
At QM we are proud to provide our customers with a variety of Australian corals like the Dented Brain Rainbow (S. wilsoniI), which is a rare and exciting species.
Photo Of The Week - Naked clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (03/02/18)
Some clownfish don't mind being naked like the Naked clownfish. This designer clownfish is absolutely a favorite among hobbyist for lacking its typical white stripes.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Blue Acropora samoensis (02/23/18)
Sometimes photos don't do justice to the corals we try to showcase like in the case of the Aquacultured Blue Acropora samoensis.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Red Mushroom (Actinodiscus sp.) (02/15/18)
This Valentine's week we are showcasing the cute and small Aquacultured Red Mushroom. This piece is one of several exclusive frags we carry from Fiji.
Photo Of The Week - Red Serosa Dottyback (Pseudoplesiops typus) (02/09/18)
The ever beautiful Red Serosa dottyback is a great fish for any aquarist looking to get a rare gem.
Photo Of The Week - Rhinopias Yellow Frilly (Rhinopias frondosa) (02/01/18)
The Yellow Frilly Rhinopia is sought by hobbyists seeking unusual beauties for their aquarium.
Photo Of The Week - Bullseye Ultra Color Mushroom (Rhodactis inchoata on Scleractinia) (01/25/18)
Rhodactis inchata on Scleractinia are some of the most eye catching corals for their color variation like the piece here.
Quality Marine Receives Five Species from Australia for the First Time (01/24/18)
Quality Marine has imported five species of coral and fish for the first time from Australia. Our Australian partners supply Quality Marine with an extensive list of rare and beautiful species, and are a model for their commitment to sustainable...
Photo Of The Week - Barber Perch (Caesioperca rasor) (01/19/18)
The beautiful Barber Perch is one of the several options we have for you if you are in the market for a school of fish.