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Quality Marine is Coming to Superzoo 2016 with Some Very Special Guests!New Icon (07/26/16)
The Superzoo Conference is around the corner, and we can hardly hold back our excitement for the VIPs well be bringing along this year the first ever fully aquacultured Yellow Tangs and Yasha Gobies!
Photo of the week - Aquaculture Favia Green with Pink Eyes (07/19/16)
At Quality Marine, we have a variety of amazing LPS Aquaculture Corals. Among those is the Favia Green with Pink Eyes. For this week we are showcasing this pale beauty that will make any aquarium standout.
Photo of the week - Shepard's Angel (Centropyge shepardi) (07/12/16)
Our selection for Photo of the Week is the central Pacific native Centropyge shepardi or Shepard's Angel.
Here is an update from our intern at CRF (07/11/16)
In the last two weeks in June weve planted over 800 corals in Marathon, consisting mostly of genetic strains that originated in those areas.
Photo of the Week - Golden Heart Trigger (07/05/16)
Sometimes photos don't do justice to bring out the colors of our fish. This Golden Heart Trigger (Balistes punctatus) is our selection of the week, thus we are sharing this photo with you. This genus of fish have a tendency toward aggression, and...
Happy Fourth of July - Stars and Stripes (07/04/16)
With our Stars and Stripes Puffer (Arothron hispidus), we would like to wish everyone to have a happy and safe Fourth of July. Also we would like to remind everyone that our warehouse is closed for the day. We will be back for normal business on...
Tropica's Tissue Cultured Aquatic Plants (06/29/16)
As we continue to make it our priority to bring the highest quality products to the freshwater aquarium industry, were thrilled to announce well be bringing Tropica tissue cultured plants to Aquatropic.
Photo of the Week - Lobophyllia Brain Coral (06/27/16)
Lobophyllia Brain Corals come in a variety of colors. This week we are featuring a Lobophyllia as an example of its color variety.
Photo of the Week - Mottled winged Nudibranch (06/15/16)
<br> This week we are showing off the swimming elegance of the Mottled winged Nudibranch (Aplysia fasciata) or Mottle Sea Slug. Not only is this slea slug known to swim like a bird; but it is a nocturnal creature and an algea eater which hobbyist...