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Not your Average Scopas Tang! (03/20/20)
Blue faced koi tangs make great centerpieces for the rare fish collector. These Aberrant tricolor scopas tangs are sure to be a show stopper.
Tales from the Deep: Borbonios Anthias (03/19/20)
The Borbonios anthias is a lesser-seen deeper water anthias that is an ideal candidate for biotopic reef aquariums.
Aquacultured Banggai Continue to Make the Hobby Sustainable (03/18/20)
Aquacultured Banggai Cardinalfish should be given strong consideration by amateur and expert aquarium hobbyists.
Lyretail Anthias (01/06/20)
The always social and vibrant Lyretail Anthias are in stock again! Contact your LFS or account manager to learn more.
Cute and Useful: The Matted "Aiptasia-eating" Filefish (12/12/19)
Most filefish should not be included in reef-aquaria but the Matted "Aiptasia-eating" Filefish is often purposely in them employed to rid the tank of pest anemones.
The Creole Anthias (12/04/19)
The Creole-Anthias (Paranthias furcifer) reminds us that Anthias are indeed part of the bass family (Serranidae) with their voracious appetites and relatively large size for an anthias of nearly 12 inches (~30cm).
Uninterrupted Beauty: The Interruptus Angel (11/27/19)
The Interruptus angel aka the Japanese pygmy angel (Centropyge interrupta) is a lesser seen Pomacanthidae that is typically collected in the Ogasawara Islands south of Japan. They are highly prized in the aquarium trade.
The Dragon Wrasse (11/25/19)
Also commonly referred to as the Rockmover Wrasse, the Dragon Wrasse gets these monikers a couple of ways.
The Sailfin Tang (11/23/19)
In the same genus as the classic Yellow tang, (Zebrasoma), the Sailfin tang is another great resilient species for medium sized to larger aquaria.
The Garden Eel (11/22/19)
Garden Eels can be a unique challenge for the moderately advanced aquarist.