News / Industry News & Events / Mexican scientists create robot to protect coral reefs (02/06/19)

Mexican scientists create robot to protect coral reefs


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Through the use of vision systems and the development of computer vision algorithms, scientists from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) created a robot to produce topological maps of reef areas.

Luz Abril Torres Mndez explained that the robotic platform is able to move in the marine environment in a minimally invasive way, unlike other robots.

She emphasized that the above is based on a computer vision technology to operate at sea, which means that they do not use infrared or laser to estimate their location or generate noise and thus avoid altering the ecosystem.

The expert, from the Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing area, explained that to fulfill this operation, they developed electronic control programs, which allow the robot to move autonomously, avoiding colliding with the habitat.

The project seeks to produce a topological map, but it will also use the information obtained by divers. Therefore, it was necessary to develop other processes that merge the information obtained by the divers devices, such as cell phones and sports cameras, with those produced by the robot.