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How to maintain a saltwater aquarium


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The intense colors and beauty of saltwater marine life compels many people to consider setting up saltwater aquariums in their homes or places of business.

And while modern technology has revolutionized the way personal saltwater aquariums are kept, maintaining them can still be time-consuming and require consistent care so that delicate marine life can thrive.

Maintain a consistent schedule

According to saltwater aquarium expert Timothy Hovanec, Ph.D., proprietor of Dr. Tims Aquatics, putting off the work in a saltwater aquarium will cause fish to suffer and die sooner than procrastinating with regard to maintaining freshwater tanks. Thats because saltwater environments in nature do not change much in terms of salt concentration, pH, temperature or other chemical composition. Saltwater fish are less capable of adapting than freshwater fish, unless they can swim away to another environment that is more conducive. For building a thriving tank, youll need the following:

Larger equipment

Saltwater aquariums are generally larger than freshwater ones in order to have the best chances at maintaining proper temperature and chemistry over time. Also, many saltwater fish tend to be larger than their freshwater cousins.

Expert advice

Its a good idea to consult with a saltwater fish expert and read as much as possible on the subject prior to purchasing any equipment. The For Dummies resource says that testing for saltwater aquariums is essential and fish-only or reef tanks may require different pH and chemical testing.

Fish should be added gradually so they can acclimate to the environment and contribute to the overall balance in the aquarium.

Saltwater aquariums can be beautiful additions to homes. But such additions require daily care so they can remain healthy environments for marine life.