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Nutramar Ova 100g (10 Lot) - Flat Packs
Nutramar Ova
Nutramar Ova 100g (10 Lot) - Flat Packs
Manufactured by Quality Marine
Nutramar Ova is made from 100% natural frozen prawn eggs. These eggs are highly nutritious and an ideal size (1/16 diameter) for feeding small to medium-sized fishes, corals, and other invertebrates. Nutramar Ova elicits almost immediate feeding responses from many soft and stony corals and finicky fishes. This food is ideal for Mandarins and other dragonets, seahorses and pipefishes, small gobies and blennies, anthias, and many more. Nutramar Ova is highly concentrated with protein and HUFAs. This product is very useful for those who are rearing nearly any species of fish through the larval and post-larval stages.
Nutramar Ova is dense with prawn eggs, as little water is used in packaging. A little goes a long way towards feeding the inhabitants of your aquarium.
Ingredients: Whole prawn eggs, water (frozen).
Minimum protein: 31%
Packaging: Resealable flat plastic bag.
  • 100 gram flat pack


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