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Damselfishes & Anemonefishes (Michael)
Damselfishes & Anemonefishes
By Scott W. MichaelHardcover, 256 pages.
Damselfishes & Anemonefishes is the much-anticipated fourth volume in Scott Michael's landmark Reef Fishes Series, highly acclaimed by serious marine aquarium hobbyists and professionals around the world.Representing two decades of research, writing, and underwater photography, this long-awaited volume provides authoritative coverage of several dozen species, including their social behaviors, feeding habits, reproduction, and expert advice for keeping them alive and healthy in the home aquarium.Many damsels, chromis, sergeants, demoiselles, and gregories in all their amazing colors and diversity, as well as the many species of anemonefishes (clownfishes) and their host anemones, are all covered in detail.Damselfishes & Anemonefishes brilliantly profiles the sprawling family Pomacentridae, which contains many popular and beautiful fishes held in great esteem by aquarists of all skill levels and is sure to be an essential part of every marine reference shelf. It contains absolutely up-to-date, authoritative coverage of popular and rare species, with world class photography-plus a treasure trove of more tan 350 new identification photographs.
Damselfishes & Anemonefishes (Michael)


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