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Aquariums are Saving the Last Florida Pillar Corals


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A team of Scientist and Aquarist from the Florida Aquarium, last month broke the news for spawning in captivity for the first time, the last remaining live colonies of Pillar coral (Dendrogyra cylindrus) known from Florida state waters.

The Florida Aquarium, and his team collaborated with and used techniques developed by last year MASNA Aquarist of the Year Dr Jamie Craggs in the Horniman Museum in London.

Under the supervision of Senior Coral Scientist Keri ONeil, with a team of Florida Aquarium aquarist, managed to spawn this gonochoric coral using pretty common aquarium features, includings things like Ecotech Radion and Reef Octopus skimmers. Larvaes are then reared in the greenhouse building behind.

There still a lot of work to be done, until we can save all the coral species from the Caribbean. Hopefully authorities will do what is necessary to reduce human impact on these beautiful reef. Until then we should all be proud that the aquarium community is being part of the solution, not the problem. We should be all celebrating these team great achievements, for the future of the corals reefs, but also for the future of our industry.