News / Species Spotlight

Montipora CoralsNew Icon (11/26/15)
Montipora corals are one of the best choices for aquarists new to SPS care. They also happen to be some of the most beautiful corals available in the trade.
Highly Underrated Coral - Caulastrea echinulataNew Icon (11/19/15)
Caulastrea echinulata is a very hardy Large Polyp Stony Coral that will grow quickly (for a stony coral) and do well in a variety of conditions. Large meaty meals will enhance growth and general health, moderate lighting will enhance coloration.
Revisited - Sea CucumbersNew Icon (11/10/15)
Sea cucumbers are echinoderms that are covered in a thick leathery skin and have an elongated body. These animals have tube feet, numerous folds and are covered with conical podia, often with pointed tips.
Serpent StarNew Icon (11/04/15)
Serpent stars are truly amazing animals. Often they are only seen as smooth long arms protruding from rocks or other hiding places. The name Ophio = snake in Latin and is derived from their snake-like arms and sinuous movement. While there are over...
Highly Underrated Fish - Bicolor GoatfishNew Icon (10/29/15)
Parupeneus barberinoides is also known as the Bicolor Goatfish. They are a schooling fish that sifts through the sand bed for crustaceans and other inverts. Their very active lifestyle demands multiple feedings per day.
Popular Piscines: Coral Beauty Angels (10/21/15)
The Coral Beauty Angelfish (Centropyge bispinosus) is fish frequently seen in the marine aquarium hobby, and rightly so. Its gorgeous coloration can be extremely variable, and is only overshadowed by its near legendary hardiness.
Highly Underrated Fish - Spanish Hogfish (10/14/15)
The Spanish Hogfish (Bodianus rufus) isn't usually all that reddish as the rufus portion of that name would imply, but it is a hardy and beautiful aquarium inhabitant.
Button Corals, the Mega Polyp (10/08/15)
The solitary Mussid corals, aka Button corals, Meat corals, and Open-Brains...beautiful, fascinating, and hungry! Explore the growing interest, and learn why these corals are important to know about.
Popular Piscines - Zebrasoma desjardinii (10/01/15)
There are two very similar tangs in the hobby that go by the name of "Sailfin Tang." While both are hardy and beautiful aquarium fish, the Zebrasoma desjardinii is the more sought after of the two. It is more brilliantly colored, but also somewhat...
Highly Underrated Fish - Cirrhilabrus lubbocki (09/24/15)
The multicolor wrasse (Cirrhilabrus lubbocki) is endemic to the west central pacific. They can be found in large groups at roughly 60 feet. They are planktivores, making them safe for the reef aquarium and they accept frozen food readily.