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For the first time, international researchers have mapped the network of bacteria on coral reefs. They write about it in Nature Communications (9 April).
The Oceans First Fertility Clinic
A global study conducted by researchers at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) shows that when foreign marine species are introduced to a new habitat, they can pose a threat to...
RWU Researchers Take Important First Step Towards Developing a Test to Detect Cyanide Fishing in the Marine Aquarium Trade
A pair of researchers with Dartmouth College has found that Pacific hermit crabs use vibration to ward off other crabs trying to steal their shells.
The next time youre scraping the glass, trying to clean off that stubborn coralline algae, maybe break out the magnifying glass first. That constellation of pesky spots might be worthy of...
Though the pond hobby faces some headwinds, superior service and competitive advantages allow retailers to carve out an economic niche for themselves.
Research based on analysis of field observations from 20-year global coral survey
New evidence suggests that corals once sought refuge from warming waters by migrating
For many aquatic retailers, the past few years have been difficult. Retailers report an increase in showrooming shoppers, who use brick-and-mortar stores to examine products in person before buying...