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This years SuperZoo trade show, which was held June 26-28 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas attracted 9,500 pet retail, grooming and service industry professionals.
Here's how to find a sunscreen that doesn't harm the marine organisms.
Tropical oceans teem with the dazzle and flash of colorful reef fishes and contain far more species than the cold ocean waters found at high latitudes. This well-known "latitudinal diversity...
Belize shows that a little local action can go a long way.
Owning fish comes with chores, and David Jones of Wet Pets spent part of a a recent day cleaning the water in a tank full of pacu fish.
An international team of experts presents their discovery of 38 coral reefs located in the Pacific and the Caribbean that are resilient to climate change.
Marine biologist Joshua Stewart was scuba diving in the Gulf of Mexico when he spotted a baby manta rayan unexpected find, given that juveniles are extremely rare and seldom observed by humans.
If you want to know about the future of coral reefs that harbor marine life and protect coastlines, sometimes that means you have to go there and count barnacles.
As weve reported, the Great Barrier Reef now lives under threat of coral bleaching events prompted by warming ocean waters.
Many coral reefs will be unable to keep growing fast enough to keep up with rising sea levels, leaving tropical coastlines and low-lying islands exposed to increased erosion and flooding risk, new...