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Revisited: A Guide to Reverse OsmosisNew Icon (09/15/15)
Osmosis is the diffusion of water through a semi-permeable membrane between two liquids of different salt concentrations. By nature, the two solutions will want to reach a state of equilibrium with each other. The semi-permeable membrane restricts...
Tips From the Pros: Prepping for Power Outages (06/15/15)
It is a nightmare scenario: the night is cold and biting, wind howls, and the power suddenly goes out. It looks like it could be out for a few days. What about the reef tank? What you do in next few hours could make all the difference...
Tips from the Pros: Do Your Homework (06/08/15)
Bring a good book with you when you go your local fish store, to avoid poor purchase choices.
Tropical Roots (03/05/15)
Just in case you started thinking you knew everything about tropical fish, here is an article that will give you something to chew on. Tropical fish are the evolutionary ancestors of most temperate species. That's right, reefs have far reaching...
Photo of the Week - Purple Claw Lobster (03/04/15)
Purple Claw Reef Lobsters are popular because they are easy to keep and those claws are just stunning. They have a small adult size (as far as lobsters go) and have been kept is certain types of reef aquarium successfully.
Revisited: Introducing Fish to the Reef Aquarium (02/13/15)
The moment of releasing fish into the reef aquarium and shortly thereafter are critical periods of time. The success of a newly introduced fish can depend upon the initial actions and management strategy of the aquarist.
Tips from the Pros: Seed a New Tank with Sand From an Established One (10/30/14)
Though sometimes frowned upon, seeding a new tank with good sand from a well-established one can actually get things off to the right start. It is all about the benthic infauna.
Revisited: Keeping a log book (10/08/14)
Developing a good logbook can help you become a better aquarist by advancing your understanding of marine husbandry.
Chemistry Corner Your Guide to: IODINE, part 2 (09/09/14)
Part 2 of Chemistry Corner's discussion of Iodine. The chemical is hard to dose, harder to test for, but completely necessary for keeping healthy marine animals. Learn why this critical chemical may not even to be regulated in most systems.
Chemistry Corner, Your Guide To IODINE, part 1 (09/02/14)
Iodine is a critical metabolic chemical for marine organisms. Unfortunately, there is a lot about it we do not understand yet, making it difficult to regulate in an aquarium.