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Holiday Hours - Happy Fourth of July (07/01/15)
Quality Marine will be closed on Friday July 3 in observance of Independence Day (USA).
The Picks (06/26/15)
During the summer months, opportunities for distractions away from our aquariums abound. As aquarium industry professionals, it is not time to pack it in, it is time to us to step up and differentiate your shop from the competition.
Photo of the Week - Red Head Jawfish (06/24/15)
Jawfish are among the best nano-fish available. They are hardy with very interesting behaviors and get along with other fish pretty well as long as they aren't other jawfish.
The Picks (06/19/15)
This year Ramadan started on June 17 and will run until July 17. It is a holy month of fasting for Muslims everywhere. Why is this important to the Marine Aquarium Trade?
Photo of the Week - Siganus magnificus (06/17/15)
The Magnificent Rabbitfish (Siganus magnificus) is a gorgeous and hardy addition to most any marine aquarium. They are quite peaceful, yet won't get picked on in aquariums with more rambunctious tank mates.
The Picks (06/12/15)
Every time I turn around, there is another new aquacultured species in stock. This time we have a world's first in the Banded Gobies from Biota Marine.
Photo of the Week - Gold Stripe Maroon Clown (06/11/15)
The one "clownfish" that isn't in the Amphiprion genus is the Premnas biaculeatus. While white stripe and gold stripe maroons have distinction in the hobby, scientifically they are the same species.
Photo of the Week - Aquaman (06/04/15)
No, not THE aquaman, but rather some palys that are often called "aquaman" by people in the marine aquarium hobby. These do really well in aquariums; they will grow quickly once acclimated to suitable conditions.
The Picks (05/29/15)
s the summer unfolds in the US it should prove to be an exciting time at QM. It seems that every summer we see a wider and wider diversity of stock and I expect this year to be no different.
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres chierchiae (05/27/15)
The Wounded Wrasse is found on the west coast of the Americas, from Panama to N. Mexico. They are usually found around reefs in less than 20m of water.