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The Picks (10/17/14)
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law that will ban and phase out “single use” plastic bags over the course of the next two years. Individual packing bags, like those used for bagging up fish, are not banned by the language and their...
Photo of the Week - Clavularia Polyps (10/15/14)
These aquacultured Clavularia Polyps come in very consistently. They always have great coverage and very healthy polyp extension. We currently have an excellent stock of them.
The Picks (10/10/14)
Quality Marine houses the most state of the art wholesale marine holding facility in North America, and maybe the world.
Nutramar OVA Supply Disruption (10/07/14)
We are currently completely out of Nutramar Ova. We are currently evaluating if/when there will be eggs collected this year. We expect to know more within a few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Photo of the Week - Yellow Spot Anthias (10/02/14)
Odontanthias borbonius is a deepwater anthias species, that range from depths of 300 down to the 1000 feet or more. They have several common names including "Checked Swallowtail,"Yellow Spotted," and "Blotched" Anthias.
The Picks (09/26/14)
arlier this week, President Obama announced the creation of the world's largest marine sanctuary. It encompasses five US controlled Island and Atolls in the Central Pacific. Effectively, this is an expansion of three of the already existing...
Photo Of The Week - Australian Acropora (09/24/14)
We got in a beautiful shipment of Australian Acropora yesterday. Better hope you had your's pre-ordered because every one of these pieces is sold. <br><br>
The Picks (09/19/14)
In the last week, several new protections for marine animals came to the forefront. After a year of deliberation, Manta Rays, Hammerhead &, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks have been added to CITES appendix II. In addition...
Photo of the Week - Bellus Angel Pair (09/18/14)
Bellus Angels (Genicanthus bellus) are an amazing aquarium animal. Small adult size, robust health, and easy to get onto prepared foods. Males are more infrequently available than females, and pairs are an extremely rare treat.
Photo of the Week - Dragonface Eel (09/11/14)
Dragonface Eels (Muraena pardalis)