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Photo of the Week - Hermit CrabNew Icon (01/29/15)
While many people don't like hermit crabs for their well known penchant for escargot, it must be admitted that nothing cleans up an aquarium like a swarm of them, or at least one big one. They just eat and stir up about everything. On top of all...
The Picks (01/23/15)
Quality Marine is an avid supporter of aqua-cultured specimens and is continually searching for new producers and new specimens to offer.
Photo of the Week - Randall's Assessor (01/22/15)
Randall's Assessor Basslets are some of the most subtly gorgeous fish in the aquarium trade. Their iridescent combination of red and blue just doesn't photograph well because it takes movement to show it off. We consistently stock a high quality...
The Picks (01/16/15)
Quality Marine takes great pride in how we operate the facility at every step. The health of any animal is in large part dependent on what happens before the fish comes in the door, but that is another topic. Once an animal is here, our goal is to...
Photo of the Week - Atlantic Blue Tang (01/14/15)
Atlantic Blue Tangs (Acanthurus coeruleus) go through an amazing color change during the course of their lives, luckily for aquarium hobbyists, both the juvenile stage and the adult stage are stunningly beautiful.
The Picks (01/09/15)
There is never a bad time of year to set your shop apart from the competition. Right now, during the busy season is no exception. To get that accomplished, you need to make sure you spend enough time and effort on keeping your displays top notch.
Photo of the Week - Tail Spot Blenny (01/08/15)
Tail Spot Blennies (Ecsenius stigmatura) are hardy, engaging aquarium inhabitants. They don't require a ton of room, get along well with most tank mates and generally accept most common aquarium foods pretty readily. Just don't house them with...
The Picks (01/02/15)
Welcome to 2015.
The Picks - Happy New Year (12/26/14)
Happy New Year everyone, we hope it finds you safe and fulfilled & your business profitable. We have some hour adjustments for the coming week.
The Picks - Holiday Hours (12/19/14)
Quality Marine will have adjusted hours during the holiday season.