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The PicksNew Icon (08/28/15)
You know what's even better than a real time stocklist? A totally real time WYSIWYG. With our system, if you see it, it's available. Don't wait though, while you're gazing at the photo, someone else is pressing the "add this to order" button.
Photo of the Week - Trachyphyllia (08/25/15)
Trachyphyllia come in all sorts of colors, though usually they just get lumped into the categories "Red" or "Green." Then something like this comes along.
The Picks (08/21/15)
Labor Day is just around the corner, most of the kids are back in school, and it's time to prep your stocklist and your systems for the busy season.
Photo of the Week - Zoanthids (08/17/15)
While we consistently have an amazing selection of Zoanthids on the normal stocklist, including some very high end ones, your best shot at getting zos like these is to constantly troll through our WYSIWYG section.
The Picks (08/14/15)
If you haven't seen our WYSIWYG recently, be sure to check it out. New items are showing up there more and more frequently. If you want to get the pick of the litter, stop by frequently.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Yuma (08/10/15)
The selection of aquacultured corals here is always stunning, so stunning, in fact, that more and more of it ends up on our WYSIWYG section. This single polyp did exactly that.
Salvat's Dottyback (08/07/15)
People often say summer is the slow season, but for us, it is one of the most exciting times of the year. Unique species abound around here. This week we got what is probably the first Salvat's Dottyback to enter the marine aquarium hobby.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Bubble Coral (08/04/15)
Physogyra is a genus of corals with interesting bubble shaped polyps. Nearly all of the Bubble corals that come through QM are aquacultured at this point and they perform very well for us.
The Picks (07/31/15)
In walking among the holding tanks I have to say that I am just floored with the amount and quality of coral here right now.
Photo of the Week - Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp (07/28/15)
Pederson's Cleaner Shrimp (Periclimenes perdersoni) is a very small but gorgeous cleaner shrimp common to the Caribbean. They will live within the tentacles of Condylactis anemones, which makes for a very cool display.