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Photo of the Week - Brauns Cleaner ShrimpNew Icon (07/30/14)
Braun's Cleaner Shrimp (Urocaridella antonbruunii) are a peaceful community shrimp that are widely thought to be reef safe. In the wild they are known for cleaning the mouths of large cave dwellers like groupers and eels.
The Picks (07/25/14)
The heat of summer sometimes means going the extra mile to tempt customers in. Competing with barbecues & vacations can be difficult, but it is not an impossible task. Spend time engaging customers on social media and don't be afraid to stock a...
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Corals (07/24/14)
The only way to see the latest and greatest updates to our WYSIWYG offerings is on our online ordering portal. Make sure you check it often, or you may miss pieces like this.
The Picks (07/18/14)
This week our thoughts are with the Philippine people struggling in the aftermath of 2 hurricanes. Hurricane season is in full force. There will be interruptions in supply both from wild collectors, whose concentration will be on their families...
The Picks (07/11/14)
We are in the midst of Ramadan, and collection conditions in much of the tropical world are really quite atrocious meaning that supply of some fish, from some places could be impacted. QM's diverse portfolio of trusted supply lines means that we...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Tiger Batfish (07/10/14)
Another photo of one of the Aquacultured Tiger Batfish we had in stock recently. A first as an aquacultured specimen in the United States, and perhaps the Americas. Tiger Batfish (Platax batavianus) like the rest of the "Batfish" go by several...
Happy Fourth of July (07/04/14)
Quality Marine will be closed on Friday, July 4, 2014 in honor of Independence Day. We will be open for normal business on Monday, July 7.
The Picks (07/03/14)
Everyone is out of the office today enjoying their Independence day, except for our husbandry staff. There are no days off for them, fish need taking care of every day of the year.
Announcing Aquacultured Tiger Batfish (07/03/14)
Quality Marine is proud to announce the arrival of our very first Aquacultured Batavia Batfish, and indeed, the first of them ever on North American soil. There is a limited number of these available.
Bob's Picks (06/27/14)
It’s the beginning of July and (as usual) I’m fighting the urge to set up another aquarium at home. We always seem to have a beautifully stocked floor and it is just as amazing all summer long. Because collection conditions are usually quite good...