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The Picks (10/02/15)
We have an incredible depth of stock here, both in numbers of items, but also in the diversity available to you. Remember, this is the start of busy season, if people aren't in your store now, it's time to do some marketing. Also examine your...
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Mushrooms (09/29/15)
The uptick in WYSIWYG content around here means I have been taking so many coral pictures that I just can't stop posting them. These gems were on the WYSIWYG early this week, and they sold fast. At publishing there were a couple more similar ones...
Photo of the Week - Aussie Acropora (09/21/15)
If you haven't been taking part in our Aussie Acropora Pre-Order, you need to get in touch with your Account Manager ASAP. These goodies are all sold, but there will be a next time.
The Picks (09/18/15)
As September wanes away, sales heat up. The seasonal uptick is thoroughly underway here. Be sure you are stocking your tanks a bit more every order or risk the wrath of the crashed bio-filter.
Photo of the Week - Euphyllia parancora (09/14/15)
We get all sorts of cool goodies to put on our WYSIWYG, and this aquacultured E. parancora was on there recently. Popular with everyone for their brilliant colors, long anchor shaped polyps and branching growth form, these are not all that common,...
Photo of the Week - WYSIWYG Scolymia (09/08/15)
Once in a while, the point of the photo of the week is more a cool specimen, rather than a cool photo. This is both.
Happy Labor Day (09/07/15)
We are closed for business today in observance of Labor Day in the United States.
The Picks (09/04/15)
Happy Labor Day everyone and for those of you attending, have fun at MACNA 2015 in Washington DC.
Holiday Hours (09/02/15)
Just a friendly reminder that Quality Marine will be closed on Monday September 7th in honor of Labor Day.
Photo of the Week - Cryptocentrus fasciatus (09/01/15)
Cryptocentrus fasciatus is a burrowing goby that will share burrows with pistol shrimp. They are hardy and easy to keep.