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The PicksNew Icon (05/29/15)
s the summer unfolds in the US it should prove to be an exciting time at QM. It seems that every summer we see a wider and wider diversity of stock and I expect this year to be no different.
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres chierchiae (05/27/15)
The Wounded Wrasse is found on the west coast of the Americas, from Panama to N. Mexico. They are usually found around reefs in less than 20m of water.
The Picks (05/22/15)
As I watch the cleanup of the oil leak off the coast of Santa Barbara I am reminded of how fragile our industry is. The long range effects of this catastrophe could linger for a long time. Just yesterday I read an article about the ongoing issues...
Photo of the Week - Acanthurus triostegus (05/21/15)
Acanthurus triostegus is a very recognizable tang. We have them available from Short Supply Chains and they do very well for us. They can be added in groups; in fact, I think they do better in groups if added all at the same time. Feed multiple...
Photo of the Week - Genicanthus bellus (05/20/15)
There are times in assessing what a fish is where guesswork is required. This Bellus Angel looks somewhat different than the usual transitional specimen (making the change from female to male).
The Picks (05/15/15)
As a whole the marine ornamental industry, when managed in an ecologically responsible manner and best collection practices are adhered to, is a valuable asset to the community it serves.
Photo of the Week - Australian Acropora (05/13/15)
Australian acroporas are in as high a demand as ever. Call your Account Manager to get dibs on the best lots! This one had a visitor come with it, but he had to be removed.
The Picks (05/08/15)
Happy Mother's Day everyone. This weekend usually signifies the start of the “summer season” and many in our industry start to reduce the number of species available.
Photo of the Week - Blenniella chrysospilos (05/07/15)
Blenniella chrysospilos are commonly called the Orange (or Red) Spot Blenny. They are good algae and detritus eaters that don't need a ton of space. Feed a varied diet and don't keep with other Blennies.
Gamma Food is Back In Stock (05/05/15)
After a short lapse in import, Gamma Foods are now available again.