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The Picks (02/05/16)
I was looking over our selection of WYSIWYG corals today and it got me to thinking about the industry terms “Ultra”, “Premium”, “Select” and so on. These terms are frequently very subjective. Just like everything subjective, something I think is...
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion latifasciatus (02/02/16)
The Madagascar clownfish (Amphiprion latifasciatus) comes from a very small range in the east Indian Ocean. When combined with the political instability in the area, it means that this excellent aquarium fish is very rarely seen in the United...
The Picks (01/29/16)
We have some incredible stock here from Madagascar,Amphiprion latifasciatus and Zebrasoma gemmatum to name a couple.
Photo of the Week - Actinodendron sp (01/25/16)
This genus of anemone is nearly never seen in the aquarium industry as it is fairly uncommon, does not host clownfish, and has a notoriously strong sting. This sting has earned it the common name "Hell's Fire".
The Picks (01/22/16)
Today, the east coast took a beating. Flights delayed, flights cancelled and shipping nearly impossible. The west coast is in fine shape currently, and we have an excellent variety of stock for you to choose from. Though our friends on the right...
Photo of the Week - Hippocampus elongatus (01/19/16)
This is a very rarely seen seahorse, brought in on special order for a public aquarium that wants to breed them. They are gorgeous and from the look of it, already way ahead of the game on the breeding schedule.
The Picks (01/15/16)
If you aren't buying liverock from us right now, you are making a huge mistake.
Photo of The Week - Bounce or Ricordea (01/12/16)
When is a Ricordea not one? Trick question.
The Picks (01/08/16)
While we are totally underwater here in Los Angeles, we still have excellent supply and our holding systems are in great shape because we run them on Tropic Marin salts rather than natural seawater which is the industry standard. This means our...
Photo of the Week - Red Rooster Waspfish (01/05/16)
The Pygmy Red Rooster Waspfish gets no larger than 11cm and doesn't need a ton of room to swim around making it ideal for smaller, desktop style aquariums.