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The PicksNew Icon (09/19/14)
In the last week, several new protections for marine animals came to the forefront. After a year of deliberation, Manta Rays, Hammerhead &, Oceanic Whitetip Sharks have been added to CITES appendix II. In addition...
Photo of the Week - Bellus Angel PairNew Icon (09/18/14)
Bellus Angels (Genicanthus bellus) are an amazing aquarium animal. Small adult size, robust health, and easy to get onto prepared foods. Males are more infrequently available than females, and pairs are an extremely rare treat.
Photo of the Week - Dragonface Eel (09/11/14)
Dragonface Eels (Muraena pardalis)
The Picks (09/05/14)
Schools back in, and everyone is recovered from the Labor Day festivities (I hope) and it is time to get down to fishy business (well, and coral business too). If you haven't yet started to ramp up your bio-load for the regular season, now is the...
Photo of the Week - Halloween Land Crabs (09/04/14)
Gecarcinus quadratus are more commonly called Halloween Land Crabs for their famously festive coloration. These are a crab common in tidal areas and a must have for keeping any brackish mangrove display.
The Picks (08/29/14)
Happy Labor Day everyone. We'll be closed on Monday, but are looking forward hearing from you later in the week. Stock levels are excellent; we have whatever you may need. Give us a call or on Tuesday or log an order in our online ordering system...
Labor Day (08/25/14)
We will be closed on Monday, September 1 in honor of Labor Day. Please give us a call or stop by on Tuesday when we resume normal hours.
The Picks (08/22/14)
The quality of the initial supply chain can make the difference between an animal that is healthy, vibrant & salable and a fish you lose to your hospital tank or worse, lose totally. QM focuses the majority of our sourcing efforts on on Short...
Photo of the Week - Yellow Cusk Eel (08/21/14)
Diancistrus fuscus was once classified as Brotulina fusca. It is usually called the Yellow (or dusky) Brotulid. They don't see very well and thus can be easily outcompeted for food by even the most painstaking eaters. These are best kept in...
The Picks (08/15/14)
We are 2 weeks into the statewide ban of importation of lionfish into the state of Florida. Here are a couple quick points to remember about this new legislation.