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Bob's Picks (04/18/14)
This week I am featuring a variety of items, some of which stick out for especially good quality, other for rarity, and some finally that you might just overlook.
Photo of the Week - Carpet Anemone and Domino Damsels (04/17/14)
Domino Damsels are one of the lesser known species that can be hosted by an anemone. Whatever their defense mechanism, they can withstand the sting of the anemones tentacles and seek shelter within its folds. This is not an uncommon phenomena, but...
Bob's Picks (04/11/14)
This week I am featuring MAC Orange Lined Cardinals, itsy bitsy domino damsels, Aquacultured Ingens Seahorses, Grape Cristata, Purple Encrusting Montipora and Aquacultured Palau Nepthea.
Photo of the Week - Pseudanthias calloura (04/09/14)
Pseudanthias calloura also called the Aurora Anthias, is a deepwater fish that is extremely rare in the hobby. The extremely limited number of these that are available are all eating live foods. They are for sale in pairs only.
Bob's Picks (04/04/14)
Every week I scour the holding systems and the stocklist, looking for hidden gems and unusually good specimens for you to try out.
Photo of the Week - Halichoeres melanurus male (04/03/14)
Halichoeres melanurus wrasses are sometimes called Pinstripe wrasses, though on the terminal males like the one pictured, those pinstripes are often hidden by solid bars of purple / red coloration. These are very hardy in captivity if offered a...
Bob's Picks (03/28/14)
Every week I highlight items you may have overlooked and sometimes hadn't even heard of!
Photo Of The Week - Acanthastrea lordhowensis (03/27/14)
We have a stunning collection of Acanthastrea lordhowensis. While we get new Australian stock consistently, we also have a few colonies that we've been keeping here to let them fluff up. Watch for these super premium pieces to come up now and...
Bob's Picks (03/21/14)
Every week I peruse the shop and stock list looking for gems you may have overlooked, or items that are just too nice not to highlight.
Photo of the Week - Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish (03/20/14)
Spotted Oceanic Triggerfish (Canthidermis maculata) is a rarely seen triggerfish in the aquarium hobby. While it has a circumtropical distribution, they are generally found singly, making collection of them rare. They are more often caught as a...