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Labor Day (08/25/14)
We will be closed on Monday, September 1 in honor of Labor Day. Please give us a call or stop by on Tuesday when we resume normal hours.
The Picks (08/22/14)
The quality of the initial supply chain can make the difference between an animal that is healthy, vibrant & salable and a fish you lose to your hospital tank or worse, lose totally. QM focuses the majority of our sourcing efforts on on Short...
Photo of the Week - Yellow Cusk Eel (08/21/14)
Diancistrus fuscus was once classified as Brotulina fusca. It is usually called the Yellow (or dusky) Brotulid. They don't see very well and thus can be easily outcompeted for food by even the most painstaking eaters. These are best kept in...
The Picks (08/15/14)
We are 2 weeks into the statewide ban of importation of lionfish into the state of Florida. Here are a couple quick points to remember about this new legislation.
Photo of the Week - Superman Mushrooms (08/14/14)
Among our vast selection of Rhodactis Mushrooms, one of the most popular is the "Superman" variety, so named for the red and blue coloration they sport.
Photo of the Week - Sea Goblin (08/07/14)
Sea Goblins come in so many varieties of color that it is hard to describe. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? The fish from the genus Inimicus are all scorpionfish, so named for the venomous spines clearly evident on this fish.
Nutramar OVA Supply Disruption (08/04/14)
We are currently completely out of Nutramar Ova. We are currently evaluating if/when there will be eggs collected this year. We expect to know more within a few weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The Picks (08/01/14)
As summer heat continues, how fish are handled during shipping and acclimation can make all the difference in how well they perform for you.
Photo of the Week - Brauns Cleaner Shrimp (07/30/14)
Braun's Cleaner Shrimp (Urocaridella antonbruunii) are a peaceful community shrimp that are widely thought to be reef safe. In the wild they are known for cleaning the mouths of large cave dwellers like groupers and eels.
The Picks (07/25/14)
The heat of summer sometimes means going the extra mile to tempt customers in. Competing with barbecues & vacations can be difficult, but it is not an impossible task. Spend time engaging customers on social media and don't be afraid to stock a...