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The Picks - Holiday HoursNew Icon (12/19/14)
Quality Marine will have adjusted hours during the holiday season.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured ClamsNew Icon (12/17/14)
This week we received an incredible selection of aquacultured Tridacna clams from a few different species. Call your Account Manager for more information.
The Picks (12/12/14)
Christmas is upon us already and we have one more week before the most challenging week in which to ship tropical fish across the US. There are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind when bringing in fish this time of year. Primarily, stock up right...
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Hydnophora (12/04/14)
Aquacultured Hydnophora rigida is among the most durable branching hard corals in the hobby. They are also extremely colorfast, meaning that they will stay green, even under some challenging conditions. Not all branching stony corals can boast...
Happy Thanksgiving (11/27/14)
Quality Marine will be closed today, Thursday, 11/27 in observance of Thanksgiving. We will be open for phone calls and walk ins again on Friday 11/28, resuming normal business hours the following week. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday everyone. ...
Photo of the Week - Christmas Wrasse (11/26/14)
November is nearly in the rear view, and the Christmas decorations are out in force. Not to be late to the parade, here is a gorgeous Christmas wrasse (that is in stock right now).
The Picks (11/21/14)
As far as the wholesale aspect of things, Black Friday is already here. Hopefully you've started stocking up already, but if you haven't, make sure to get your order in early this week.
Photo of the Week - Acropora (11/20/14)
In this photo, a row of ReefHab acropora frags were on a rack to the side of some aquacultured Maxima clams that were under more direct lighting. <br><br>
The Picks (11/14/14)
If you haven't noticed from all the decor changes around your towns, the shopping season has descended upon us, Black Friday is just around the corner, and people have started planning gifts.
Photo of the Week - Mimic Blenny (11/13/14)
The Mimic Blenny, (Ecsenius gravieri), is a copycat of another blenny, Meiacanthus nigrolineatus that has a venomous bite and is thus more likely to be avoided by potential predators than otherwise.