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Cyclone Winston (02/26/16)
This week New Zealand was hammered by the largest cyclone ever to make landfall there. The Northern reaches of the country were especially hard hit, and our hearts and prayers go out to them.
Photo of the Week - Euphyllia glabrescens (02/23/16)
Sometimes the photo just doesn't do the coral justice, sometimes the photo has a little something better about it that makes that coral really pop.
The Picks (02/19/16)
The stormy season is upon us! But fear not, decades of experience have made us the stable business that we are and we have enough trusted partners around the world to ensure that we have the stock you need, when you need it.
Photo of the Week - Hoplolatilus cuniculus (02/17/16)
These Dusky Tilefish (Hoplolatilus cuniculus) came from one of our best SSC (short supply chain) Vendors, located in Fiji. These are spectacular under today's LED lighting fixtures; they show a brilliant blue iridescence that was previously hidden.
Happy Valentines Day (02/15/16)
Happy Valentines Day / Happy Presidents Day everyone. Hopefully today finds you at the shop, selling fish to all the hobbyists who got today off!
Photo of the Week - Lunar Destroyer (02/08/16)
Here at Quality Marine, there is always a good supply of zoanthids in some incredible variety. These "Lunar Destroyers" are in spectacular shape.
The Picks (02/05/16)
I was looking over our selection of WYSIWYG corals today and it got me to thinking about the industry terms “Ultra”, “Premium”, “Select” and so on. These terms are frequently very subjective. Just like everything subjective, something I think is...
Photo of the Week - Amphiprion latifasciatus (02/02/16)
The Madagascar clownfish (Amphiprion latifasciatus) comes from a very small range in the east Indian Ocean. When combined with the political instability in the area, it means that this excellent aquarium fish is very rarely seen in the United...
The Picks (01/29/16)
We have some incredible stock here from Madagascar,Amphiprion latifasciatus and Zebrasoma gemmatum to name a couple.
Photo of the Week - Actinodendron sp (01/25/16)
This genus of anemone is nearly never seen in the aquarium industry as it is fairly uncommon, does not host clownfish, and has a notoriously strong sting. This sting has earned it the common name "Hell's Fire".