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Photo Of The Week - Aberrant Brisltetooth Tang (Ctenochaetus sp)New Icon (04/20/18)
The Aberrant Brisltetooh Tang is a beautiful and unique fish for hobbyists who are in the market for rare gem. We
Photo Of The Week - Porcelain Crab (Petrolisthes sp.) (04/13/18)
On this Friday the 13th, an ominous day for some, we bring to you a Porcelain Crab (Petrolisthes sp.) to bring you good fortune.
Photo Of The Week - Snow Onyx Clownfish (Amphiprion sp.) (04/06/18)
No fish in our stock list reminds us to take a break from being serious and clown around like the our clownfish. The Snow Onyx is one of the many designer hybrid aquaculture clownfish we carry.
Photo Of The Week - Carpet Feather Anemone (Stichodactyla sp.) (03/30/18)
Don't overlook the Carpet Feather anemone for its simple beauty. They come in a variety of colors for hobbyist to choose from like this dark green.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Fluorescent Horn coral (Hydnophora rigida) (03/22/18)
The cultured florescent Horn coral is an excellent coral for intermediate level hobbyists with a mid-range budget.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Red Pink Cauliflower (Pocillopora sp.) (03/16/18)
Aquacultured Red Pink Cauliflowers are astatically pleasing and elegant. This piece will surely standout in a reef aquarium.
Photo of the Week - Dented Brain Rainbow (Symphyllia Wilsoni) (03/09/18)
At QM we are proud to provide our customers with a variety of Australian corals like the Dented Brain Rainbow (S. wilsoniI), which is a rare and exciting species.
Photo Of The Week - Naked clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris) (03/02/18)
Some clownfish don't mind being naked like the Naked clownfish. This designer clownfish is absolutely a favorite among hobbyist for lacking its typical white stripes.
Photo Of The Week - Aquacultured Blue Acropora samoensis (02/23/18)
Sometimes photos don't do justice to the corals we try to showcase like in the case of the Aquacultured Blue Acropora samoensis.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Red Mushroom (Actinodiscus sp.) (02/15/18)
This Valentine's week we are showcasing the cute and small Aquacultured Red Mushroom. This piece is one of several exclusive frags we carry from Fiji.