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Photo Of The Week - Barber Perch (Caesioperca rasor) (01/19/18)
The beautiful Barber Perch is one of the several options we have for you if you are in the market for a school of fish.
Photo Of The Week - Newtoni Wrasse (Thalassoma newtoni) (01/11/18)
The rarely Newtoni is back in our livestock and a handful are available now. The ever attractive Newtoni is a hardy wrasse.
Photo Of The Week - Grade A Dente Brain (Symphyllia wilsoni) (01/05/18)
The elusive Symphyllia wilsoni is one of our many rare and exciting species of corals.
Quality Marine Receives Aquacultured Juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus) (01/01/18)
Quality Marine is excited to start the New Year by offering yet another new aquacultured species: juvenile Koran Angel (Pomacanthus semicirculatus).
Photo Of The Week - Atlantic Pygmy Octopus (Octopus joubini) (12/29/17)
It's been a while since we displayed a cool member of the Octopodidae family, so without further ado here is the Pygmy Atlantic Octopus.
Store Hours and Happy New Year! (12/29/17)
We hope you are getting your tuxedo or dress ready to kiss 2017 good bye and welcome 2018.
Merry Christmas! (12/22/17)
We wish you a Merry Christmas!
Photo Of The Week - Strawberry Crab (Neoliomera pubescens) (12/21/17)
Crabs are not typically named after a fruit unless they bear a resemblance to it.
QM Photo Of The Week - Blue White Spotted pufferfish (Arothron meleagris) (12/14/17)
The alluring and majestic Blue White Spotted pufferfish is a very personable fish that with the right care it can be an excellent fish for hobbyists with large aquariums.
Photo Of The Week Mini Dart Goby (Aioliops megastigma) (12/08/17)
Measuring at about an inch in length the adorable Mini Dart Goby is significantly smaller in size when compared to other gobies.