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The Picks (02/20/15)
As many of you know, there is an ongoing labor dispute happening at docks around the country. With few exceptions, livestock is never transported that way, but salt is, and there are other complications that arise from this as well.
Photo of the Week - Cardinal Soldierfish (02/18/15)
The Cardinal Soldierfish is unique in that it's eyes seem set much more forward on the head than the average soldier. This gives it a cross-eyed appearance when viewed from the front. Very sensitive to bright light, and very shy, these should be...
The Picks (02/13/15)
Never fear, spring is just around the corner and better shipping days for our domestic clients are ahead (assuming it stops snowing in Northeast someday).
Photo of the Week - Aberrant Foxface (02/11/15)
If one spot is good, then 3 conjoined spots is better? One Spot Foxface Rabbitfish are very common and great aquarium fish. Every once in a while one comes a long that isn't quite so common.
The Picks (02/06/15)
Fish food used to be flakes of something mostly unknown. Now diets range from being an all purpose, protein dense pellets to items specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs or pique the interests of some of the most demanding species.
Photo of the Week - Falcula Butterfly (02/04/15)
Falcula Butterflies come from the Indian Ocean and attain a max size of about seven inches. They are best suited for fish only tanks, with other fish that are on the slightly aggressive end of the spectrum.
Photo of the Week - Hermit Crab (01/29/15)
While many people don't like hermit crabs for their well known penchant for escargot, it must be admitted that nothing cleans up an aquarium like a swarm of them, or at least one big one. They just eat and stir up about everything. On top of all...
The Picks (01/23/15)
Quality Marine is an avid supporter of aqua-cultured specimens and is continually searching for new producers and new specimens to offer.
Photo of the Week - Randall's Assessor (01/22/15)
Randall's Assessor Basslets are some of the most subtly gorgeous fish in the aquarium trade. Their iridescent combination of red and blue just doesn't photograph well because it takes movement to show it off. We consistently stock a high quality...
The Picks (01/16/15)
Quality Marine takes great pride in how we operate the facility at every step. The health of any animal is in large part dependent on what happens before the fish comes in the door, but that is another topic. Once an animal is here, our goal is to...