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Happy Thanksgiving (11/25/15)
We will be closed next Thursday in observance of Thanksgiving. Have an outstanding holiday weekend everyone.
Photo of the Week - Turkey Fish (11/24/15)
There are a couple fish in the Pterois genus that have the common name "Turkeyfish" and all fish in the genus are loosely called Turkeyfish (or Lionfish). That being said, I chose Turkey for obvious seasonal reasons.
Photo of the Week - Splendid Pin Tail (11/17/15)
Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus is a highly sought after fairy wrasse from a limited range, there are some very closely related wrasses outside of that range, but they are still very limited in supply. This is one of those wrasses. The Splendid Pin-tail...
The Picks (11/13/15)
Big thanks to all of you who stopped by our Booth at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago last weekend. We sure had a good time, and hope that you did too.
Photo of the Week - Aussie Bowerbanki (11/09/15)
One of the least known and best looking corals in the hobby is the Bowerbanki. It suffers more from an uncommon name than anything else, they are wildly variable in coloration and will do well in a variety of aquarium environments.
Photo of the Week - Tono's Fairy (11/02/15)
There are so many beautiful fairy wrasses available to marine aquarium hobbyists these days that it's easy to overlook some of them.
The Picks (10/30/15)
Happy Halloween everyone. This is a great holiday weekend for thematic promos, especially if you have something for your trick-or-treaters.
Photo of the Week - Cultured Tridacna Clams (10/27/15)
Quality Marine has been selling aquacultured clans for over 6 years; in fact, we haven't had a wild clam for sale here for nearly 5 years. Like the rest of them, this one is a stunner.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Clarion Angel (10/20/15)
So many amazing fish here right now, but this is one of the kings for sure. I just had to get more photos of it.
Aquacultured Angels Land At QM (10/16/15)
While we always have an excellent selection of aquacultured fish and inverts here, right now is an especially exciting time as we have no less than 3 different aquacultured angel species in house!