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The Picks (04/17/15)
I love to start my Friday morning on the floor, checking out all the previous day’s arrivals; appreciating the job our suppliers do for us (and keeping a lookout for a few choice things to recommend for you, obviously.)
Photo of the Week - Gold Chain Eel (04/14/15)
Chain Eels (Echidna catenata) have a couple different color forms based on where they're from. This is one of the gold variants, the other common variation is white and black.
The Picks (04/10/15)
The advancements in aquaculture keep on coming, and luckily for QM customers, many of the newly available species are available exclusively from Quality Marine.
Photo of the Week - Trachyphyllia (04/09/15)
Trachyphyllia come in a stunning array of colors, patterns and forms. This photo is actually two of them side by side. They do well in areas of low flow and low light. Feeding is required, but luckily, quite easy. They are also a clownfish...
QM Receives North America's First Cultured Clown Trigger (04/03/15)
This is the first batch of Commercially Raised Clown Triggerfish available for sale in North America. These were raised by Biota Marine Life Nursery in Palau.
Photo of the Week - Dragonette (04/02/15)
Splendid Dragonettes get more colorful when they make the segue to male, and even more beautiful still when showing off for courting purposes. This one was especially gorgeous.
The Picks (03/27/15)
The importance of proper handling cannot be overstated. Due to the enormous distance traveled by some of shipments, each one is treated individually.
Photo of the Week - Bali Basslet (03/24/15)
This is a regional variant of the Pseudanthias lunulatus that is commonly called the Bali Basslet. These are a hardy species, but they require frequent feedings to maintain their stunning coloration and vigor. (Joined by a jeweled damsel in the...
The Picks (03/20/15)
One of the worst typhoons in Vanuatu's history, Cyclone Pam, has devastated the small island chain in the South Pacific.
Photo of the Week - Aquacultured Watermelon Chalice (03/18/15)
We get an excellent selection of aquacultured chalices in on a weekly basis and most (if not all) of them are nice enough to be on WYSIWYG. Don't overlook this section of our ordering system. It is loaded with gems like this.